Interview with Virgil Pruteanu, the famous kinesiotherapist who revolutionized the preventive medicine

            We grabbed a few insides from Virgil Pruteanu’s future documentary “Human Body Revolution”, that will be released in 2016.
Do you use only ancient practices?
Human mind associates the pain with drugs or surgery. I don’t know the reason, maybe it’s because of the system that rules the world. What some of us might know is that the human body can regenerate itself with internal stimulants, like an open wound. So, this is, somehow, a time traveling documentary, because we fix today’s human body problems with ancient treatments.
Why Human Body Revolution?
In ancient Japan, there were only chiropractors, the treatment in case the disease was already advanced was only based on herbs. Nowadays, preventive medicine is actually chiropractition. Kinesiotherapy is chiropractition with advanced knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy. With all these knowledge you can revolutionize the human body.
How can you identify one’s problems?
Practically I can see from the way you walk or turn your head around, what works in your body at full scale and what I can prevent from a possible disease.
When can we have a peak on the documentary “Human Body Revolution”?
Soon I hope, we are still filming all around the world, especially in the places I learned these wonderful techniques that help me help people. I can’t say more but I think it will turn up okay. It will be a mind – body – spirit travel.


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