The man that can heal with his hands is now in United States of America

             Virgil Pruteanu, the kinesiotherapist that astounded more than 7,000 people around Europe, found his place in Beverly Hills. Virgil Pruteanu was born in a town in Transylvania, he spent most of his childhood in a small village also in the area. From his childhood he started having these gifts of helping people, by taking the pain away only with his bare hands. From helping his grandmother with her back pain from working on the land (there weren’t much agricultural machines back then) to magically making older people move better and be ready to dance to the holiday fair.


              Seeing his abilities, his parents shipped him out to learn the Qigong (the mind and body combined) with the chinese master Lin Kai Ting. In 2004, being attracted more and more by the medical side of healing becomes an instructor of hichibuku goshinjutsu. In 2007 continues to study with the master Eike Kujaw about Kinesiology and Acupressure. “We’ve had many young talents among these years, but there was something special about that boy, something bigger than our logics ” said Eike. Of course he doesn’t miss out on the Yumeiho Therapy and becomes a member of The Romanian Yumeiho Society. He gets his License in Physical Therapy and Special Motricity in 2010 and 2 years later the Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. From 2008 to 2013 Virgil becomes one of the kinesiotherapists of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation – Olympic National Weightlifting Group. He has the pleasure of going to the London Olympics, the World Championships in Paris, the World Championships in Antalya and European Championships: Tirana, Albania; Tallinn, Estonia; Antalya, Turkey; Kazan, Russia; Minsk, Belarus; Lymassol, Cyprus. Now he found his place in Beverly Hills, California and wants to show you what he and his magic hands can do for you.


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