I’m still waiting for 28 Months Later

28 months later

I’m still waiting for the 3rd movie of the Rage Virus, 28 Months Later. After reading about it for almost an year now, I get to the conclusion that it might never come. It was supposed to be made in 2014, but maybe it will be made this year. Finger’s crossed!

28 weeks later

I really enjoyed these movies, the’re not like ordinary zombie movies! Actually they seem like drama movies, they what will really happend in case of a raging virus. The second one, 28 Weeks Later (2007), it’s amazing, it explains how courdness can come to any one of us in an unpredicted situation. Of course the americans help out in the London virus crisis and almost succeed until they can’t do anything but blow out the city. In my opinion, the best scene from this part is the one when Don makes an unauthorised visit to Alice in her isolation cell, begging her to forgive him. However, when they kiss the Rage Virus in her saliva immediately infects Don, who savagely kills her before going on a rampage, and you can gues the rest.

The soundtracks of these movies are amazing, they’re really made for the action that goes on!

28 days later

I’m actually a Walking Dead fan, watching every episode, but there’s only one thing in my mind when I think about it, the beggining of these series being exacly like the one in 28 Days Later (2002).

walking dead

Photos: wikipedia.org

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