My childhood cartoons: Little Dracula

The cartoons of my childhood were pretty different from the ones that are aired now. Cartoon Network doesn’t play this kind of cartoons anymore, not even Cow & Chiken or the original Powerpuff Girls, they have some stupid, really wrong drawed cartoons now, like Gumball, Adventure Time, Clarence and Regular Show. I don’t get them, really, I tried… nothing. At least our cartoons were normal, with stupid stories, but they were drawn correctly, at least I think.

It’s another age, but what ever…

I’m gonna start describing and remembering the cartoons of my childhood, that cartoons that I couldn’t wait to see, for wich I left everything to watch them over and over again.

And I still do 🙂

little dracula cartoon

The Little Dracula animated series was directed by Joe Pearson with original music by Stephen C. Marston under Walker Hahn Productions. It debuted on Fox Kids on September 3, 1991 and, despite the program’s brief run, features the voices of several veteran comedians and actors. Thirteen episodes were produced, but only six were aired; five episodes aired the week of September 3-September 6, before its timeslot was given to Beetlejuice. A sixth episode aired on Halloween. It was during this initial run that the Little Dracula franchise made its way to a handful of merchandising deals.

In 1999, Fox Family reran Little Dracula, including four episodes which had not aired during the original run (another three remained unaired). Some Little Dracula books were also republished following this brief revival.

A second season (13 more episodes) was co-produced with France and Germany, by IDDH, M6, and Renaissance-Atlantic Films. It never aired in the United States. In Europe, Little Dracula (Draculito, mon saigneur) is an animated series in 26 episodes.


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