Spiritual journey away from the office

We ran away from the office and decided to find some place to clear our minds. We left to Tulcea County, somehow it started to make sense, we started seeing a lot of birds in the sky, the sun was with us and a lot of turtles on the old roads. Run past one village, two villages and some how got to a sweet place, in the middle of nowhere.


It was a big garden, full of flowers and blooming trees and a few constructions, some of them finished. It was a monastery, the monastery  SF.ILIE of Histria, an amazing relaxing and comforting place.


A few nuns welcomed us and invited us to look around and maybe stay for lunch.  They didn’t have much but they were willing to feed us anyhow, we were travelers so we were hungry.

mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_5 mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_6 mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_10

We strated to look aroud the place, a lot of flowers and blooming trees, the smell of spring on an onpoluted land. No sound, only a few cars passing through.

mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_1 mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_4 mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_7 mănăstirea_histria_-_sfântul_ilie_8

The nuns explaned to us that in 2007 the first stone of this monastery was placed in a religious ceremony of consecration of the place by I.P.S.Teodosie, the Tomis Archbishop. today is still not finished, but soon it will be.

So I advice you to get in your car and have your spiritual journey to the unknown!

5 responses to “Spiritual journey away from the office

  1. Oh how I love such things! Sometimes I go to parks or cemetarys during lunch break, it’s really great and peaceful and inspiring !
    All the best and a nice weekend,


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