The Rosenrot Story

“Rosenrot” (German for Rose-red) is a song and single from the album of the same name by the German band Rammstein.

The “Rosenrot” track was highly anticipated by fans of Rammstein, as it was first hailed in February 2004 to be the first single from the band’s fourth studio album, Reise, Reise (the song “Mein Teil” took the honour instead). In the end, “Rosenrot” didn’t even make the tracklist of Reise, Reise, a move that the band’s management claimed “left them speechless.”

The story behind the video

The video portrays the band as travelling monks from different religious orders who have come to a small village, Fundata (nearby Brașov), Romania. The main story of the video shows the band’s vocalist Till Lindemann falling in love with one of the local girls, whom he met during a celebratory feast. At her request, he enters her house and murders her parents. As he leaves the house, he smiles to the girl and she smiles back briefly, before crying out, at which the villagers rush upon Till from the darkness and beat him. They tie him up and burn him on a stake; Till’s fellow monks and his lover participate in the execution by throwing burning brands onto the woodpile. The girl in the video is portrayed by Romanian model Cătălina Lavric, who was 14 at the time of shooting.

The plot partially mirrors the song’s lyrics: in both the video and the song, a man is asked to commit a self-destructive yet pointless act by his lover, and dies in the attempt while she is unharmed. In the video the man commits murder and is executed; in the song he attempts to retrieve a rose from a mountain, and falls – “Both fall down” (Beide fallen in den Grund) – to his death .

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