The Red Guy

The Red Guy is the main antagonist of the Cartoon Network cartoon series Cow and Chicken, and also appears in I Am Weasel.

The Red Guy is an overweight and naked red-skinned character who resembles classical depictions of devils and demons, he exhibits cunning but not much intelligence. Regardless of his disguise, his big bare buttocks are always on display, and the names he assumes in his disguises reflect that fact, for example Officer Pantsoffski, Mrs. Barederrière and Dr. Laxslax.

Role in the series
His schemes are intended to terrorize Cow and Chicken, for reasons never revealed. These schemes are usually very bizarre, and usually involve masquerading as something he isn’t, for example posing as a plastic surgeon or pediatrician, minus the pants.

He is often defeated by Supercow (a superheroic persona taken by Cow) when his evil plans require foiling and Chicken needs rescuing. He tends to take his defeats in stride, though.


The Red Guy exhibits numerous strange behaviours, ranging from walking on his buttocks or rolling from side to side, to his almost bipolar moodswings. He acts both masculine and feminine, and likes to set himself up as an authority figure. He enjoys causing mischief, mayhem and general nastiness: he is probably best described as a mean-natured trickster in terms of villainy – not seeming to want much in the way of conquest or ruin but rather taking a perverse joy out of being a general nuisance and bully. Sadly for him, he is quite incompetent, and often ends us as little more than an irritation to Cow and Chicken.

It’s also worth noting that the Red Guy likes to walk around nude and goes to great lengths to stay nude.


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