Graffiti as Expression

Graffiti For Social Change

Student debt is affecting students all over the country. Some students are graduating their universities with over $60,000 in debt. This leaves students with a huge wake up call when they graduate and owe more money then they have ever seen. The government needs to be aware of how many students are struggling with this debt. Many people have turned to video advertising, online advertising, and art. One form of art that our group has been drawn too is graffiti art.


Graffiti art is everywhere. You pass by it on your way to class, while your driving under a bridge, or on the side of some building while traveling on the highway. These artists have something to say and make a lot of noise with there graffiti expressions. Graffiti has been used as another way for the public to hear these students cry for help. Everyone deserves theā€¦

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