Review: Hostel (2005)

La La Film

HostelDirector: Eli Roth

StarringJay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson

Release Date: 6th January 2006 (USA)

What does it mean when Quentin Tarantino presents a film, but has no direct involvement in it? Well, in the case of Hostel it means something is so messed up that not even Tarantino, controversy maestro, wants to direct it, Instead the honors are handed to Eli Roth, who gives us a instant horror hit.

There’s nothing spectacular about the plot to Hostel – three backpacking friends stay in a hostel where visitors are abducted and sent to an underground torture chamber where the rich and powerful pay to live out their wildest fantasies and kill someone, consequence free. However, the screenplay sets up the hostel much more than you’d expect, with a whole solid first act following the trio across Europe and showing them to be well-intentioned but typical college boys –…

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