Stories of Spirit…The Mountain View Grand [a Halloween tale]

Salicrow's Stories of Spirit

Historical_MVH_Post_CardI worked at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH this Monday night.  I was hired by a housing agency to perform Rune Readings during their yearly conference.  Anyone who looks this hotel up on line will come across plenty of articles about it being haunted, although without serious digging it’s hard to get specifics…instead you get a lot of peoples stories about their stay there.  Well I was not there to do Spirit Communication, but I can attest that the place certainly does have it’s share of Spirits.  In fact the town of Whitefield itself has quite a few haunted places; I know this personally having grown up there.

When I arrived at the Mountain View Grand, I was directed to the upstairs ballroom.  I took a quick detour to the bathroom before introducing myself to the president of the housing agency; who hired me.  The Mountain View Grand is…

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