“The Day We Die” – The Colectiv Tragedy

Yesterday the romanian band Goodbye To Gravity had an opening concert for the album Mantras of War in Colectiv Club Bucharest. The concert promised to have the best sci-fi effects and a lot of artwork.

The concert didn’t go that well, a few fireworks, actually wedding cake fireworks, lighted up more than they should. Accordind to spectators that attended the show it was the perfect timing for them because the song playing was “The Day We Die“. Everyone thought the show was lighting up so they didn’t mind a few flames.

In a few seconds, the soundproofing lighted up and the hole roof was on fire. Imagine pieces of it falling down on people who were running through the only door that could save them.

manicea alin


This was a really terrible accident, 27 people were murdered and 162 injured with burns.

incendiu colectiv



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