Chains to bind my fears

We have a new-comer in the hip hop industry, Mr. Karma, and with help of Anaid he is trying to take the music into a new direction (Directia Noua).
The sound is something new, with the pitch shift in every voice (there are four of them… WOW) and the video itself is filled with some creepy characters. It goes down just like a little horror story.

We have Mr. Karma himself in the beginning of the video trying to explain the whole idea behind “Chains to bind my fears”. Next the Shaman takes over in a creepy environment with a crazy new voice. His partner in this song is Anaid, portraing Snow White and Cinderella as characters. The War-Torn Veteran comes with a new voice in a “war-torn” environment (it looks like something from “The Walking Dead”) and finally, the Jester gets into your mind.
All the characters were carefully chosen by Mr. Karma himself to explain the fears that each and everyone of us is facing in their daily lives, and how to eventually chain those fears.
The instrumental sound is a product of Empty Beatz, while the mixing and the master are done by Sagace.

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