Romania: Constanta county, the biggest renewable energy producer

Energy News

Constanta ranks first among the counties producing the more renewable energy, with installed capacity of over 1,639 MW, followed by Tulcea (809 MW) and Giurgiu (193 MW), while at the opposite are the counties of Salaj and Covasna, with less than 10 MW installed, according to Transelectrica report, reports.

Thus, Constanta County is the champion of wind energy chapter, with 1,636 MW turbines installed and 3.5 MW photovoltaic panels.

Moreover, Dobrogea is considered the are with the highest wind potential in southeastern Europe, Romania attracting investors in this sector.

At the end of November last year, electricity generation capacities from renewable sources with a total installed power of 5.127 MW were functional in the system.

For 2016, the mandatory quota of electrical energy produced from renewable energy sources, benefiting from green certificate promotion system is 12.15 percent of gross final consumption of electricity, according to a Decision adopted by…

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